Mishra and Sridhar Receive Summer Research Scholarship

Bibekananda Mishra and Prashanth Sridhar both received a 2021 Summer Research Scholarship from the KU Office of Graduate Studies.  The award comes with a stipend of $6,000.  

The award places them among a select group of graduate students, all of whom have excellent academic records and the strongest endorsements from their respective departments.

Bibekananda MishraMishra’s research interests are in obstruction theory for projective modules.  His broad interests are in commutative algebra and algebraic topology.  His comprehensive oral exam was on Algebraic Obstruction Theory and its Topological Analog.  His advisor is Satya Mandal, professor of mathematics.




Prashanth SridharSridhar’s research interests are in commutative algebra and homological algebra with its applications to algebraic geometry.  His comprehensive oral exam was On the Existence of Small CM Modules in Mixed Characteristic.  His advisor is Daniel Katz, professor of mathematics.