Smith Colloquium Fall 2021

We cordially invite everyone interested in mathematics to attend.  

Talks are usually held on Thursdays at 4:00 pm in 306 Snow Hall, the Aronszajn Seminar Room.

Some talks will be virtual in Zoom.  This will be noted for those talks.

The Zoom link for online Smith Colloquium:

Passcode will be sent by email.

Please contact Yannan Shen or Joonha Park to reserve a colloquium date.

Fall 2021 abstracts are posted here.

Smith Colloquium Fall 2021
DateSpeaker, TitleLocal Host
September 16Freddy Bouchet
ENS de Lyon
Path Large Deviations for Kinetic Theories: Beyond the Boltzmann, the Landau and the Lenard—Balescu Kinetic Equations
by Zoom
Jin Feng
September 23

Gautam Iyer
Carnegie Mellon University
Dissipation Enhancement, Mixing and Blow-up Suppression
by Zoom

Jin Feng
September 30Bo Luo and Zijun Yao
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Kansas
A Brief Introduction to Deep Learning: Techniques, Challenges, Security and Privacy
by Zoom
Geng Chen
October 14Mark Shoemaker
Colorado State University
Enumerative Geometry and Mirror Symmetry
by Zoom
Yunfeng Jiang
November 4Ruixiang Zhang
A Stationary Set Method for Estimating Oscillatory Integrals
University of California-Berkeley
by Zoom
Shuanglin Shao
November 18Sara Pollock
University of Florida
Extrapolation Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
by Zoom
Agnieszka Miedlar
December 2Chi Li
Rutgers University
On the Algebraic Uniqueness of Kahler-Ricci Flow Limits on Fano Manifolds
by Zoom
Yuanqi Wang
December 9

Tian-Jun Li
University of Minnesota
Symmetries of Symplectic Rational Surfaces
by Zoom

Yunfeng Jiang