Smith Colloquium Spring 2021

Talks will be held remotely by Zoom on Thursdays at 4:00 pm (Central Time.)

We cordially invite everyone interested in mathematics to attend.

Please contact Yannan Shen or Agnieszka Miedlar for arrangements.

Smith Colloquium Spring 2021

DateSpeaker, TitleLocal Host
February 4Organization Meeting 
February 11Joonha Park (KU)
Sequential-proposal Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with Mass Scaling for Multimodal Target Distributions
February 18Dionyssis Mantzavinos (KU)
A Universal Method for Evolution Partial Differential Equations Posed in Domains with a Boundary
February 25  
March 4  
March 11  
March 18Chenyang Xu (Princeton University)
Algebraic K-stability Theory—One New Theme Connecting Two Old Fields
Y. Jiang
March 25Zhenghan Wang (University of California Santa Barbara)
Mathematics of Topological Quantum Computing
Y. Jiang
April 1Xiang Xu (Old Dominion University)
Blowup Rate Estimates of a Singular Potential in the Landau-de Gennes Theory for Liquid Crystals 
G. Chen
April 8Chun Liu (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Energetic Variational Approaches in Active Materials

J. Feng

April 15Grey Ballard (Wake Forest University)
Computing Tensor Decompositions using Parallel Algorithms
A. Miedlar
April 22Ioana Banicescu (Mississippi State University)
Robust Scheduling of Scientific Applications in Parallel and Distributed Environments
B. Pasik-Duncan
April 29Yiwei Wang (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Variational Lagrangian Schemes to Generalized Diffusions,Gradient Flows and Beyond: A Discrete Energetic Variational Approach
G. Chen
May 6Hong Qian (University of Washington)
Statistical Laws and Logics of Thermodynamic Behavior of Complex Systems
J. Feng