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The Mathematics Department has a long tradition of excellence.

The principle mission of the Mathematics Department is to create and teach mathematics and to develop in students the capacity to use and create mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics plays a central role in advancing the research and teaching missions of the university, especially as they relate to the advancement of the STEM disciplines. Students at all levels throughout the university benefit from the research, teaching and outreach efforts of the Mathematics Department.

We keep a very student-friendly atmosphere in our department and our staff is always willing to help the students.  Our students have ample access to computer labs and modern technology.  All faculty maintain office hours to meet with students outside the classroom, and we also have help rooms for algebra through calculus courses.

Our faculty are extremely committed to excellence in teaching and research.  Each of the Department’s degree programs contribute to KU’s mission to educate students and provide them with the opportunity to pursue exciting careers in mathematics, science and engineering.

At the undergraduate level we offer BA and BS in mathematics and at the graduate level we offer MA and PhD degrees in both pure and applied math tracks.  We also offer a certificate in actuarial science and a graduate certificate in applied mathematics.  Recent interdisciplinary work has involved projects in biology, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, geology, medicine, and physics.

Mathematics faculty members are actively involved in research, many funded by National Science Foundation grants.  Faculty members regularly supervise undergraduate sponsored research projects.  Our graduate program is ranked in the top 40 among public universities and has been a central part of the research and teaching mission of our department.


Mathematics Contributes to KU's Success

  • An increasing number of students pursuing a university education seek out educational and research experiences in the natural sciences and engineering, and all of these students require substantial training in mathematics.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • The department supports a diverse and inclusive campus that makes everyone, regardless of who they are, feel equally involved and supported. Feel free to contact us or the Office of Diversity & Equity if you have any concerns.

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