Mathematics in Industry Careers 2018



Alyson Fox

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California

Ph.D. 2017, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder

Alyson started at LLNL as a graduate technical intern while she was earning her Ph.D. at Colorado. As a member of the Scientific Computing Group she has worked on developing new and efficient numerical algorithms, techniques, and methodologies for solving scientific problems on high-performance computing systems. The groups application areas of current interest/expertise include climate modeling, subsurface flow modeling, mathematical and computational biology, power grid simulation, computational fluid dynamics, transport models, first-principles molecular dynamics, and plasma modeling for both ICF and magnetic fusion.

Shane Haas


Signition LP, New York

Ph.D. 2003, Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Shane Haas has managed systematic portfolios for the past fifteen years. He is a founding principal of Signition LP which uses techniques from the evolving fields of statistics, signal processing, and machine learning to discover and exploit market inefficiencies. Prior to forming Signition, he managed systematic trading at Moon Capital. Previously, he was co-head of Systematic Trading, a proprietary trading desk within Goldman Sachs, managing a portfolio of equities, currencies, and commodities. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Mr. Haas was a partner at the AlphaSimplex Group, managing a quantitative global macro portfolio. At MIT he also completed the Financial Technology Option at the Sloan School of Business. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in both electrical engineering and mathematics from the University of Kansas.

Avary Kolasinski

Ph.D. student

Department of Mathematics, University of Kansas

I am a sixth year PhD student at the University of Kansas studying under Dr. Weizhang Huang. My research is in variational mesh adaptation and generation and more recently, my focus has been on a new theory for mesh adaptation on surfaces. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work as a graduate research intern at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory studying with Dr. Aly Fox. At the lab I focused on error estimates when using ZFP compression in multigrid methods.