Smith Colloquium Spring 2022

We cordially invite everyone interested in mathematics to attend.  

Talks are usually held on Thursdays at 4:00 pm in 306 Snow Hall, the Aronszajn Seminar Room.

Some talks will be virtual in Zoom.  This will be noted for those talks.

The Zoom link for online Smith Colloquium:

Passcode will be sent by email.

Please contact Yannan Shen or Joonha Park to reserve a colloquium date.

Spring 2022 abstracts are posted here.

Smith Colloquium Spring 2022
DateSpeaker, TitleLocal Host
January 27Organizational Meeting
by Zoom
February 3Xin Zhou
Cornell University
Variational Theory and Mean Curvature
by Zoom
Yuanqi Wang
February 24Philip Engel
University of Georgia
Looijenga's Cusp Conjecture and Triangulations of the Sphere
Yunfeng Jiang
March 3Daniel Sanz-Alonso
University of Chicago
Auto-differentiable Ensemble Kalman Filters
Joonha Park
March 10Izzet Coskun
University of Illinois, Chicago
Points in the Projective Plane
Purnaprajna Bangere
March 31Yuchen Liu
Northwestern University
Moduli Space of Fano Varieties
Yunfeng Jiang
April 14Jesús De Loera
University of California, Davis
On the (Discrete) Geometric Principles of Machine Learning and Statistical Inference
Margaret Bayer
April 21Timothy Davis
Texas A&M University
Math, Matrices and Music
held at The Commons, 1340 Jayhawk Blvd., 4:00 pm. In collaboration with IARI, Spencer Museum of Art
Agneiszka Miedlar
April 28Aaron Yip
Purdue University
A Revisit of Homogenization of Motion by Mean Curvature.
Jin Feng
May 5

Maria Helena Noronha
California State University Northridge
How We Get Students PUMPed into PhDs
Russell Bradt Undergraduate Colloquium
passcode:  056731

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
May 6

Tamas Hausel
Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Ubiquity of Systems of Homogenous Polynomial Equations with a Unique Solution
*Held at 10:00 am*
by Zoom

Yunfeng Jiang