Black & White photo of a young G. Baley Price in front of chalk board

History of the Department of Mathematics 1886-1970

G. Baley Price was a member of the mathematics department from 1937 to 1975 (named distinguished professor in 1974) and served as chair for nineteen years. He lived to be a 101. He published the history book in 1976. The 788 page book chronicles thirty-three of the years Price was a faculty member and chair. Not only does it chronicle the math department's history but also includes much about the university, his service in WWII and his involvement in the movement of mathematics.


Price's Contribution to Technology

The Price Computer Center was named after him for his early contributions to computing at KU. Price brought the first computer to KU in 1957, laying the cornerstone for information technology on campus. His legacy is seen in the thousands of students, faculty, staff and researchers who use technology on campus to achieve their academic goals and make discoveries that change the world.