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KU Math Club

The KU Math Club is open to anyone with interest in Mathematics. Biweekly meetings consist of activities and presentations from speakers with jobs/research in mathematics.

Math Club Website

Club activities include: working together on challenge logic/math questions, playing math/thinking games, and providing an opportunity for students to take a break from their coursework and run through different topics of interest.

Meetings are currently 6:00 to 7:00 pm every other Tuesday over Microsoft Teams. If you haven't already joined, and wish to do so, please visit us by Joining a Team with a Code and entering 35yy5jg.



Treasurer:  Madelyn Atkins
Meeting Organizer:  Amber Dawson
Professor Outreach:  Mohit Garg
Scribe/Flyers:  Vinayak Jha
Club Outreach:  Ly Nyugen
Web Maintenance:  Suhann Syed
Faculty Advisor:  Prof. Agnieszka Miedlar

Contact Information:

email:  mathclub@ku.edu