Math Tutoring Services

A variety of offices and resources designated to support academic success.

Math Help Rooms

The Mathematics Department hosts help rooms for Math 002, 101, 104, 115, 116, 125, 126, and 127.  This is free drop-in help with homework.  Exam reviews are held separately.  Check your course syllabus for availability or contact your instructor.

Kansas Algebra Program (KAP) 

Provides free drop-in homework help for Math 002/101, tutor-led study groups, and exam review sessions at the end of each class unit. Check your course syllabus for availability or contact your instructor.

Wingspan: Center for Learning and Writing Support

Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Tutoring Services are available in the Wingspan center.  SI is available in MATH 002/101/104/115/125/126/127. SI consists of weekly peer facilitated study sessions for students to review course material outside of the classroom. SI also gives students a chance to meet others in the class, compare notes, discuss important concepts, and review the material in order to enhance class performance. SI sessions are free to any student enrolled in the designated course.

During each of the sessions, the SI Leaders will provide study strategies for note taking, organization, and test preparation. They also will lead discussions over the lecture material and notes in order to review and better prepare the students for success in the class.

The Wingspan center provides students with Tutoring Services (one-to-one tutoring session with a trained tutor). Students may request a tutor in disciplines that include Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Languages. The services include Small Group TutoringIndividual Tutoring and Drop-In Tutoring.

Small group tutoring is available to groups of students who are enrolled in the same section of a course in a number of math courses. There is no charge for small group and individual tutoring.


TRIO Math Tutors can help any TRIO SES & STEM students with math by appointment from graduate or high achieving undergraduate students at no cost.