Enhanced Sections for College Algebra and Calculus

The KU Mathematics Department offers enhanced sections for Math 101 (College Algebra), Math 115 (Calculus I, 3-credit hour), and the calculus sequence (4-credit hours each) Math 125/126/127.  These courses are designed to provide eligible students with more instructional time and exposure to course content to assist them to achieve academic success.

We invite you to enroll in one of these courses based on meeting the prerequisites.  In addition to one of the courses listed above, you would also enroll in a section of Math 197 (Mathematical Workshops, 1-3 hours credit).  This combination of courses is good for students whose ACT score did not qualify them for the regular Math 101/115/125 courses, but your GPA indicates you are a good student (or maybe you have taken one of these courses and the outcome was not successful) or, for the calculus sequence, whose grades were lower in Math 125/126.  The five-day class targets students who want extra time and are committed to extra work.

The enhanced sections feature small-size lectures, in-person classes, two additional meeting times a week, and the exams and assignments are the same as the other sections of the course.  Students who have taken this sequence have a higher rate of success.  We encourage you to take the enhanced sections.

You will need a permission code to enroll in these sections.