Track Qual
Courses Required Exams Research Skills Enrollment Hours Research Component
Pure 727 or Qual in Probability Statistics

765 or Qual in Analysis

781 or Qual in Numerical Analysis

791 or Qual in Algebra

(with permission advanced students may substitute corresponding 800 level courses)
800, 810, 820, 830 Pass two quals, one in algebra or analysis and one in numerical analysis or probability and statistics by the beginning of the fifth semester.

Preliminary by the beginning of the eighth semester.

Comprehensive Oral

Final Thesis Defense
Responsible Scholarship Training

Computer Skills
At least six per semester during two semester minimum residency.

18 after oral comprehensive (at least six in fall and spring and at least three in summer).

Continuous enrollment after that.
One of 840, 910, 920
Four additional courses at 800 level or above.
800, 810
One of 850-851 or 865-866 or 881-882
One of 840, 850 or 950
Four additional courses at 800 level or above.
GTA/GRA must be enrolled in at least six hours in fall and spring.

Non GTA/GRA international students must be enrolled in nine hours.

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Using Math

Nicole Johnson found a way to express her baton twirling using math.  See video.