Probability and Statistics Seminar

Fall 2020        Previous semesters

The seminars will be held online using Zoom.  The Zoom address will be emailed to those who are interested.

Meeting Times:  Wednesdays  4pm- 5pm.

Please contact Zhipeng Liu or Joonha Park for arrangements.

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Sep 23

Florian Maire (University of Montreal) -- This talk will start at 4:20 pm (4:20 -- 5:10 pm)

Non-reversible Markov chains on partially ordered discrete set

Sep 30 (2pm)

Elnur Emrah (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

Exit point bounds in exponential last-passage percolation and a few applications

Oct 7

Jiaoyang Huang (Courant Institute, New York University)

Extreme eigenvalues of adjacency matrices of random $d$-regular graphs

Oct 14

Konstantin Matetski (Columbia University)

Exceptional times when the KPZ fixed point violates Johansson's conjecture

Oct 21

Yuchen Liao (University of Michigan)

Periodic discrete time parallel TASEP

Oct 28

Aaron King (University of Michigan)  -- This talk will start at 4:20 pm (4:20 -- 5:10 pm)

Phylodynamics and genealogy-valued Markov processes

Nov 4 (2pm)

Sabine Jansen (Ludwig-Maximillians University of Munich)

Gibbs point processes and cluster expansions

Nov 11 (2pm)

Frank Redig (Technical University of Delft)

Gaussian concentration for lattice spin systems

Nov 18


Dec 2

Yves Atchade (Boston University)  -- This talk will start at 4:20 pm (4:20 -- 5:10 pm)


Dec 9

Joonha Park (University of Kansas)


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