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Seminars Week 2003-09-22

                SEMINARS & COLLOQUIA
                WEEK OF 09/22

     1:30 pm Topology Seminar, 306 Snow 
     More on Realcompact Spaces (continued) 
     Tetsuya Ishiu 

     3:30 pm Stochastic Adaptive Control Seminar, 306 Snow 
     A Genetics Inbreeding Problem 
     Megan O?Byrne 

     2:30 pm Graduate Student Seminar, 408 Snow 
     Reading the ?Red Book? of D. Munford 

     1:30 pm Topology Seminar, 306 Snow 
     Ostaszewski?s Spaces 
     Judy Roitman 

     2:30 pm Computational & Applied Math, 306 Snow 
     Attractors for Evolution Equations II 
     Bixiang Wang 

     3:30 pm Analysis Seminar, 306 Snow 
     Dispersive Estimates for the Schroedinger Equation with a Potential (continued) 
     (After Goldberg-Schlag) 
     Atanas Stefanov. 

     4:30 pm Probability & Statistics, 306 Snow 
     Rough Path Analysis IV, Differential Equations 
     David Nualart 

     2:30 pm Algebra Seminar, 306 Snow 
     Classification of Quadruple Canonical Covers 
     Bangere Purnaprajna 

     3:30 pm Mathematical Physiology, 306 Snow 
     Nonlinear Wave Propagation 
     Mike Martin 

     3:30 pm Graduate Student Seminar, 336 Snow 
     A Glance at Coding Theory (continued) 
     Manoj Kummini 

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