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Seminars Week 2003-04-07


1:30 pm Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
        Bill Fleissner

2:30 pm Ellis B. Stouffer Colloquium, 306 Snow
        Log Canonical Thresholds & Birational Rigidity
        Lawrence Ein, University of Illinois at Chicago
        ***Refreshment will be served at 3:30 pm at 306 Snow***

3:30 pm Mathematics & Music, 306 Snow
        Musical & Mathematical Understanding: Conjoint or Disjoint Sets
        Scott Murphy, Department of Music & Dance
        Technically Proficient, but Musically Uninspired: The Role of Time
	in Making a Performance Musical
        Christopher Johnson, Department of Music & Dance

9:30 am Students + Workshops = Success + Fun, 306 Snow
        Workshop for fifth & sixth graders from East Heights Elementary School

1:30 pm Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
        Bill Fleissner

2:30 pm Computational & Applied Math, 306 Snow
        Stability and Instability of Nonlinear Waves
        Milena Stanislavova

2:30 pm Algebra Seminar, 306 Snow

5:30 pm Mathematics & Movie Magic, 330 Strong
        Mathemoviemagic: Semi-Technical Presentation on the Works of Pixar
	Animation Studios
        Brian Rosen, Pixar Animation Studios

1:30 pm Masters Defense, 306 Snow
        Pricing Stock Options
        Belinda Pierson

4:00 pm Kansas Center for Advanced Scientific Computing 
        Distinguished Lecture, 120 Snow
        Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications to
	Questions in Geometry, Physics and Engineering
        Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard University
        ***Refreshments will be served in 406 Snow at 3:30 pm***

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