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Seminars Week 2003-02-24


                   Week of Feb. 24

1:30 pm        Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
        None Scheduled

2:30 pm         Algebra Seminar, 306 Snow
        None Scheduled

1:30 pm         Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
        Relatively Locally Finite Hausdorff Spaces (continued)
        Ellen Mir

2:30 pm         Computational & Applied Math, 306 Snow
        Variational Mesh Adaptation
        Weizhang Huang

3:30 pm         Analysis Seminar, 306 Snow
        Global Existence and Uniqueness for the Minimal Surface Equation in
        Lorentzian Space-Time
        Atanas Stefanov

2:30 pm         Algebra Seminar, 306 Snow (cancelled; move to March 6)
        Gins and Free Resolutions
        Craig Huneke

4:00 pm         Ellis B. Stouffer Colloquium, 306 Snow
        Particle Representation for Some SPDEs and Measured-Valued Processes
        Tom Kurtz, University of Wisconsin
        ***Refreshments will be served in 406 Snow at 3:30 pm***

1:30 pm         Stochastic Adaptive Control, 306 Snow
        Student Meeting

3:30 pm         Mathematical Physiology, 306 Snow
        We Will Continue Working Through Keener and Sneyd

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