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Seminars Week 1999-09-06

WEEK OF:  September 6-10

MONDAY: Labor Day Holiday - No Classes
1:30 pm Set Theory & Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
                None scheduled.

2:30 pm Geometry Seminar, 401 Snow
                Organization meeting will be held September 13th.
                Sepp Dorfmeister

2:30 pm Quantization Seminar, 306 Snow
                Organizational meeting will be held September 13th.
                Albert Sheu

4:00 pm Control Theory Seminar, 306 Snow
                None scheduled.

4:30 pm Applied Mathematics Seminar, 301 Snow
                None scheduled.

2:30 pm Graduate Algebra Seminar, 306 Snow

1:30 pm Set Theory & Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
                None scheduled.

2:30 pm Computational and Applied Mathematics, 306 Snow
                (previously known as the Numerical Analysis Seminar)
                Unstructured Mesh Movement through Mappings
                Weizhang Huang

3:30 pm Analysis Seminar, 306 Snow
                Experimental Harmonic Analysis on Finitely Generated Free
                Groups, (continued)
                Bill Paschke

2:30 pm Algebra Seminar, 306 Snow

4:00 pm Ellis B. Stouffer Colloquium, 306 Snow
                Two Variants of Aronszajn's Method of Eigenvalue Approximation
                W. Martin Greenlee, University of Arizona
                **Refreshments will be served in 406 Snow at 3:30 pm.**

1:30 pm Stochastic Adaptive Control, 306 Snow
                Overflow Probability Bounds and Dynamic Buffer Allocation
                for Queuing Systems with Fractional Brownian Motion-Based 
                Input Traffic Model, (continued)
                Dora Matache, KU and Sprint

2:30 pm Graduate Stochastic Adaptive Control, 306 Snow
                Brownian Motion and an Introduction to Stochastic
                Differential Equations
                Peter Zimmer

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