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2015-11-30 - 2015-12-04

Monday, 11/30
1:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, Snow 306

The Algebra of Analytic Toeplitz Operators and Approximations
Yi Yan

3:00 pm Comprehensive Oral Examination for the Ph.D. Degree, Snow 306

Time-dependent Stability of Numerical Methods for Initial Value Ordinary Differential Equations
Andrew Steyer

4:00 pm Stochastic Adaptive Control - Interdisciplinary Research Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

Tuesday, 12/1
2:30 pm Graduate Algebra Seminar, Snow 306

Some Algebraic Properties Interpreted Combinatorially
Bennet Goeckner

4:00 pm Applied Mathematics Seminar, Snow 408

None Scheduled

4:00 pm Association for Women in Mathematics, Snow 306

None Scheduled

Wednesday, 12/2
1:00 pm Numerical PDE Seminar, Snow 408

Mathematical Principles for Mesh Adaptation and Movement (continued)
Weizhang Huang

2:00 pm Computational & Applied Math Seminar, Snow 306

Staircase Forms - From Matrices to Matrix Polynomials
Hongguo Xu

3:00 pm Comprehensive Oral Examination for the Ph.D. Degree, Snow 306

Generalized Fixed-Point Algebras and Square-Integrable Representations of Twisted C*-Dynamical Systems
Leonard Huang

4:00 pm Probability & Statistics Seminar, Snow 306

Almost Sure Convergence to Complex Brownian Motion
Giulia Binotto, University of Barcelona

Thursday, 12/3
2:30 pm Algebra Seminar, Snow 306

F-thresholds of Graded Rings
Alessandro De Stefani, University of Virginia

4:00 pm Smith Colloquium, Snow 306

Primes, Zeta and Asymptotic Formulas - Granville-Zagier's Multi Zeta Values
Yasuyuki Kachi

Friday, 12/4
11:30 am Comprehensive Oral Examination for the Ph.D. Degree, Snow 408

Moving Mesh Methods for Numerical Solution of Porous Medium Equations
Cuong Ngo

2:00 pm Algebraic Geometry / Analytic Number Theory Seminar, Snow 408

None Scheduled

2:00 pm Graduate Student Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

3:00 pm Combinatorics Seminar, Snow 408

Generalized Kostka Polynomials
Martha Yip, University of Kentucky

3:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

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