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2014-09-15 - 2014-09-19

Monday, 9/15
2:00 pm Numerical PDEs and Geometry/Topology, Snow 306

PDE Functional Framework
Kyle Claassen

3:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, Snow 306

Crossed Products and C*-dynamical Systems (continued)
Sasha Peterka

4:00 pm Stochastic Analysis and Control, Snow 306

None Scheduled

4:00 pm V-statistics, Snow 564

None Scheduled

Tuesday, 9/16
2:30 pm Graduate Algebra Seminar, Snow 408

24 Hours of Local Cohomology: Chapter 7
Nitin Aggarwhal

4:00 pm Applied Mathematics, Snow 456

None Scheduled

4:15 pm Association for Women in Mathematics, Snow 306

Open Meeting of the Officers of AWM Student Chapter

Wednesday, 9/17
11:00 am Study on Ergodic Theories for Diffusions, Snow 408

None Scheduled

2:00 pm Computational & Applied Math, Snow 306

A Geometric Discretization and Simple Implementation for Variational Mesh Generation and Adaptation
Weizhang Huang

3:00 pm Analysis Seminar, Snow 306

Weighted Hardy Spaces Associated with Flag Singular Integrals (continuation)
Xinfeng Wu

4:00 pm Probability & Statistics, Snow 306

None Scheduled

Thursday, 9/18
2:30 pm Algebra Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

2:30 pm Geometry Seminar, Snow 408

On the Singularities of Effective Loci of Line Bundles
Lei Song

4:00 pm Ellis B. Stouffer Colloquium, Snow 306

None Scheduled

Friday, 9/19
2:00 pm Algebraic Geometry / Analytic Number Theory Seminar, Snow 408

None Scheduled

2:00 pm Applied Math Sciences, Snow 306

None Scheduled

3:00 pm Graduate Student Seminar, Snow 408

Ramsey Theory and Weakly Compact Cardinals
John Reynolds

3:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

4:00 pm Combinatorics Seminar, Snow 408

None Scheduled

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