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2013-05-06 - 2013-05-10

Monday, 5/6
2:00 pm Set Theory & Topology, Snow 408

Seeking the Bottom of the Hausdorff Barrel
Jack Porter

3:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

4:00 pm Stochastic Analysis and Control, Snow 306

None Scheduled

Tuesday, 5/7
2:30 pm Algebra Seminar, Snow 456

Moduli Space of Multi-centered Black Holes and Quiver Representations
Janu Verma, Kansas State University

4:00 pm Applied Mathematics, Snow 408

None Scheduled

4:00 pm Russell Bradt Undergraduate Colloquium, Snow 306

None Scheduled

Wednesday, 5/8
2:00 pm Computational & Applied Math, Snow 306

Implicit Sampling for Uncertainty Quantification of an Elliptic Inverse Problem
Xuemin Tu

3:00 pm Analysis Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

3:00 pm Combinatorics Seminar, Snow 408

Combinatorial Reciprocity and Hopf Rings in Combinatorics
Jacob White, Texas A&M University

4:30 pm Probability & Statistics, Snow 306

Quantitative Stable Limits in the Wiener Space
David Nualart

Thursday, 5/9
2:30 pm Algebra Seminar, Snow 408

A Categorical Invariant of Right Exact Categories with Relations to K-theory
Eric Bunch, Kansas State University

4:00 pm Ellis B. Stouffer Colloquium, Snow 306

On Matrices that Commute with their Derivative
Volker Mehrmann, Technische Universität Berlin

Friday, 5/10
2:00 pm Algebraic Geometry/Analytic Number Theory Seminar, Snow 408

A New Constant Arising from some Quadruple Integral, Pt. 2
Yasuyuki Kachi

2:00 pm Applied Math Sciences, Snow 306

None Scheduled

3:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, Snow 306

None Scheduled

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