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2012-10-22 - 2012-10-26

Monday, 10/22
2:00 pm Set Theory & Topology, 408 Snow
Debs' Space and Alpha-favorability
Bill Fleissner
3:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, 306 Snow
Operator Ideals (continued)
Albert Sheu
4:00 pm Stochastic Analysis and Control, 306 Snow
None Scheduled
Tuesday, 10/23
2:30 pm Graduate Algebra Seminar, 408 Snow
When is a Mixed Local Ring Regular?
Alessandro De Stefani
4:00 pm Association for Women in Mathematics, 306 Snow
None Scheduled
4:00 pm Applied Mathematics, 456 Snow
None Scheduled
Wednesday, 10/24
11:00 am Stochastic Computations/Graduate Seminar, 408 Snow
Applications of Generalized Polynomial Chaos
Bin Wang
2:00 pm Computational & Applied Math, 306 Snow
Cloud processes in turbulent boundary-layer flows
David B. Mechem, Department of Geography
2:00 pm Set Theory and Topology, 408 Snow
None Scheduled
3:00 pm Graduate Analysis Seminar, 306 Snow
L^p Bounds for the Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Function
Jarod Hart
4:00 pm Probability & Statistics, 306 Snow
None Scheduled
Thursday, 10/25
2:30 pm Graduate Algebra Seminar, 408 Snow
None Scheduled
4:00 pm Ellis B. Stouffer Colloquium, 306 Snow
None Scheduled
Friday, 10/26
2:00 pm Applied Math Sciences, 306 Snow
None Scheduled
2:00 pm Algebraic Geometry/Analytic Number Theory Seminar, 408 Snow
None Scheduled
3:00 pm Quantum Geometry Seminar, 306 Snow
Theta-deformed Spheres (continued)
Sasha Peterka
3:00 pm Combinatorics Seminar, 408 Snow
Algebra and Combinatorics of Edge Ideals
Arindam Banerjee

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