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Mathematics Department

Seminars & Colloquia


11:30 am Graduate Student Seminar, 306 Snow

1:30 pm	Set Theory & Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
		None scheduled

2:30 pm Quantization Seminar, 306 Snow
		None scheduled.

2:30 pm	Ph.D. Final Defense, 306 Snow
		Initial Ideals and the Inverse Problem in Grobner 
                Basis Theory
		Amelia Taylor

1:30 pm	Set Theory & Topology Seminar, 306 Snow
		None scheduled

2:30 pm	Computational and Applied Mathematics, 306 Snow  **Guest Speaker**
		Application of Random Process:  Study of Postural Control
                and Enhancement of Human Vibration Sensation
		Wen Liu, KU Medical Center

3:30 pm	Analysis Seminar, 306 Snow
		None scheduled.

4:30 pm	Public Lecture, Auditorium, Spencer Art Museum
		Math Spans All Dimensions:  Interactive Geometry and Art on
                the Internet
		Thomas Banchoff, Brown University
		(Refreshments served after the talk.)

2:30 pm	Algebra Seminar, 306 Snow  **Guest Speaker**
                 Lengths mod Independent Ideals and a Conjecture of Lech
                 Doug Hanes, University of Minnesota

4:00 pm	Ellis B. Stouffer Colloquium, 306 Snow
		Heteroclinic and Periodic Cycles in a Perturbed Convection
		Xiao Biao Lin, North Carolina State University
		***Refreshments will be served at 3:30 pm in 406 Snow.***

1:30 pm	Stochastic Adaptive Control Seminar, 306 Snow  ** Guest Speaker**
		The Centrality of Communication in our Work
		Beverly Davenport Sypher, Professor of Communication
                Studies and Divisional Dean for the Social Sciences, 
                University of Kansas

2:30 pm	Graduate Stochastic Seminar, 306 Snow
		Convergence of Numerical Approximation of Stochastic
                Differential Equations (continued)
		Peter Zimmer

Events Calendar

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