Seminars & Colloquia

2021-02-22 - 2021-02-26

Department seminar schedules

Monday, February 22nd
3:00 pm edit Graduate Student Probability Seminar, Zoom meeting

Conformal Mappings-I
Chapter 3 from the book Conformally Invariant Processes in the Plane by Greg Lawler.
Raul Bolanos
Zoom link:
Passcode: 849198

4:00 pm edit Teaching Matters. Best Practices - Collective & Collaborative Efforts in Teaching, Zoom meeting

Innovative Teaching - Flipping the 115 Classroom 
Sarah Louise Browne,  Assistant Teaching Professor and Coordinator of Math 115

Designing Backward to Move Forward: How Backward Design Is Transforming My Teaching
Daniel James,  Assistant Teaching Professor and Coordinator of Math 125 & 126

Zoom link:
Passcode: 056731

Tuesday, February 23rd
3:00 pm edit Comprehensive Oral Examination for the Ph.D. Degree, Zoom meeting

Finitary isomorphisms of Poisson point processes
Amanda Wilkens
Zoom link:
Passcode: 2021

4:00 pm edit AWM & SIAM Student Chapter Meeting, Zoom meeting

Conversation with Alec Knutsen, Software Engineer II, Garmin International & First President of the SIAM Student Chapter at KU 
Zoom link:
Passcode: 02022021

Wednesday, February 24th
2:00 pm edit Probability and Statistics Seminar, Zoom meeting

Asymptotic Genealogies of Sequential Monte Carlo Algorithms
Suzie Brown, University of Warwick
Zoom link:
Passcode: 819822

2:00 pm edit Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar, Zoom meeting

Redundant Computations in a Fixed Point Linear Solver for Collaborative Autonomy
Aaron Barrett
Zoom link:
Passcode: 487744

Friday, February 26th
12:00 pm edit Graduate Student Seminar, Zoom meeting

Writing successful grants to support your research
Daniel Hernández and Emily Witt
Zoom link:
Passcode: 491603

3:00 pm edit Geometry Seminar, Zoom meeting

Moduli of surfaces in $\mathbb{P}^3$ 
Kristin DeVleming, University of California, San Diego
Zoom link:
Passcode: 993752

4:00 pm edit Student Geometry Seminar, Zoom meeting

Infinitesimal Deformation--Chapter 4 from the book Complex Manifolds and Deformation of Complex Structures by Kunihiko Kodaira
Sien Gong
Zoom link:
Passcode: 166195

May start a little late. Begins immediately following the Geometry Seminar.

Events Calendar

Using Math

CTE course transformation grant helps Emily Witt, assistant professor of math, develop active learning with student groups in calculus.  Positive results using modules developed with Justin Lyle and Amanda Wilkens, math graduate students, were attained.  Read more

Math and COVID-19: Sources on how math is being used to track the virus and its spread.  AMS link.

A mathematician-musician's breakthrough melds East, West. Read more.

Researcher's innovative approach to flood mapping support emergency management and water officials. Read more.

Nicole Johnson found a way to express her baton twirling using math. See video.