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Course Numbering System

100 - 199

200 - 399

400 - 699

700 - 799

800 - 899

  • Precalculus courses, general education math courses, and calculus courses.
  • This range includes MATH 223 Vector Calculus, MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra, and our differential equations courses (MATH 220 for Engineers and MATH 320 for Math and Science Majors).
  • Note: Math 365 is a statistics course for non-majors.
  • These are our upper level undergraduate courses.
  • These courses are for undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduates planning to go to graduate school in mathematics should take at least one 700-level sequence. Although many 700-level courses have as prerequisite only MATH 223 and 290, a high level of mathematical sophistication is expected in these classes. Talk to an adviser before enrolling in these. See also Choosing among Alternative Courses.
  • These are more advanced graduate courses. Exceptional undergraduates may enroll in an 800-level course after taking the 700-level course(s) in the mathematical subject area.

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Using Math

Nicole Johnson found a way to express her baton twirling using math.  See video.