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Algebraic Coding Theory


An introduction to error correcting codes. Included are: linear codes, cyclic codes, BCH codes, and convolutional codes.


Coding Theory and Cryptography: The Essentials, Hankers, et al., CRC Press, 2nd edition, 2000.

Credit Hours: 
Chapter Topics
1 Introduction to Coding Theory: information, rate, distance, error-detecting and error-correcting
2 Linear Codes: generating and parity-check matrices, syndrome decoding
3 Perfect and Related Codes: Hamming and Golay codes
4 Cyclic Linear Codes: polynomial encoding and decoding
5 BCH Codes: finite fields, minimal polynomials, two-error correcting BCH codes
6 Reed-Solomon Codes
8 Convolutional Codes

(Bayer 2015 )


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