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Calculus III (Honors)


Multivariable functions, partial derivatives and their applications, multiple integrals and their applications. Vector-valued functions, line and surface integrals, Green, Gauss and Stokes Theorems.


Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Rogawski and Adams, W.H. Freeman & Co., 3rd edition.


Invitation from the Department of Mathematics.

Credit Hours: 
Chapter Topics
12 Vector Geometry
13 Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions
14 Differentiation in Several Variables
15 Multiple Integration
16 Line and Surface Integrals
17 Fundamental Theorems of Vector Analysis


Open for only 2 hours credit to students with credit in MATH 122 or MATH 142. Not open for credit to students with credit in MATH 127, MATH 223 or MATH 243.

Instructors should refer to Common Exams and Course Coordinators.

(Shabazz, M. 2017 )

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