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Department of Mathematics

Smith Colloquium

Spring 2017

Thursdays at 4:00 pm in 306 Snow Hall, the Aronszajn Seminar Room

Date Speaker Title Abstract Local host
Feb. 7 (Tuesday 4pm) Marta Lewicka, University of Pittsburgh On the Monge-Ampere equation via prestrained elasticity Abstract Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
March 2 Ann E. Cudd, Boston University Data Science as a Liberal Art Abstract Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
March 9 Omer Angel, The University of British Columbia Local max-cut with random weights Abstract Terry Soo
March 16 Thomas Timmermann, University of Munster Tannaka-Krein duality and quantum groupoids Abstract Albert Sheu
March 27 Ramalatha Marimuthu Impact of assistive technology and service learning in engineering education Abstract Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
March 30 Sijue Wu, University of Michigan On two dimensional gravity water waves with angled crests Abstract Shuanglin Shao
April 6 Alexis Vasseur, University of Texas, Austin Compressible Navier-Stokes equations with degenerate viscosities Abstract Geng Chen
April 20 Tiefeng Jiang, University of Minnesota TBA TBA Yaozhong Hu
April 27 Denis Bell, University of North Florida The amazing Poisson calculation: a method or a trick? Abstract
May 4 Kevin Carlberg, Sandia National Laboratories Model reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems: discrete optimality and adaptive refinement Abstract Agnieszka Miedlar