Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar

Fall 2019

CAM seminar talks are held on Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 PM in Snow Hall 306, unless otherwise noted.

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Please contact Erik Van Vleck for arrangements.

September 4 Organization meeting
September 11  
September 18

Hamid Mofidi (University of Kansas), Reversal potential of ionic channels via cPNP models

Ion channels, proteins embedded in membranes, provide a major​ channel for cells to communicate with each other and with the outside to transform signals and to conduct group tasks. Permeation and selectivity properties of an ion channel  are mainly extracted from the I-V relation measured experimentally. Individual fluxes carry more information than the I-V relation but it is expensive and challenging to measure them.

In this work, based on geometric singular perturbation analyses of quasi-one dimensional  Poisson-Nernst-Planck model for ionic flows, we study the problem of zero current  condition for ionic flows through membrane channels with a simple profile of permanent charges. For unequal diffusion coefficients, the analysis becomes extremely challenging. This work will focus only on two ion species, one positively charged (cation) and one negatively charged (anion), with two  arbitrary diffusion coefficients. Mathematically, we identify how the reversal potential depends on the channel structure and diffusion coefficients. In particular, we are able to show, with a number of concrete results, that the possible different diffusion constants make significant differences. A comparison of our result with the GHK equation is provided. The dual problem of reversal permanent charges is briefly discussed too.​

September 25  
October 2
Aaron Barrett (University of Kansas), TBA
October 9
Mat Johnson (University of Kansas), TBA
October 16

Mark Hoefer (University of Colorado Boulder), TBA.

HOST: Mantzavinos

October 23

Bing Pu (University of Kansas, Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science), TBA

HOST: Van Vleck

October 30

2:00 PM  Andrew Steyer (Sandia), TBA

HOST: Van Vleck

3:00 PM  Xiang Wang (Jilin University), Conditioning of the Finite Volume Element Method for Diffusion Problems with General Simplicial Meshes Abstract.

HOST: Huang

November 6

Zoe Zhu (Harvard), TBA

HOST: Cazeaux

November 13

Bob Eisenberg (Rush Medical), TBA


November 20 Cassidy Krause (University of Kansas), TBA
November 27 Thanksgiving Break
December 4 Hongguo Xu (University of Kansas), TBA


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