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Accessing the ACF Community Cluster

ITTC Provided Documentation and Support

General information on obtaining access and the layout of the system can be found here.

A detailed guide on submitting jobs to the cluster can be found here.

To gain access to the ACF cluster please send an email to: clusterhelp@acf.ku.edu

SSH Access to ITTC Systems

Users accessing the ACF from outside Nichols hall will first need to SSH into ssh.ittc.ku.edu and then from there SSH to either login1.ittc.ku.edu or login2.ittc.ku.edu.

Custom SSH Port Settings

Users SSHing into ITTC systems need to use an alternate port (62) when connecting to ssh.ittc.ku.edu. There are two main ways to accomplish this task:

With Each SSH Command

Simply supply the -p 62 argument to ssh (and many other SSH based commands).
For example: ssh -p 62 jayhawk@ssh.ittc.ku.edu

With the .ssh/config File

Host section can be setup in your .ssh/config file that will automatically set the correct connection options for SSHing to ITTC systems. For example, if your ITTC username was jayhawk, add the following to your .ssh/config file:

Host ittc ssh.ittc.ku.edu
    User jayhawk
    Hostname ssh.ittc.ku.edu
    Port 62

With these lines in your .ssh/config file you can now SSH to ITTC using the command: ssh ittc

Mathematics Specific Software Packages

Information on available software packages, and instructions on how to activate and use these packages can be found here.

ACF Cluster Specifications

Current hardware specifications for the ACF Cluster can be found here.


Events Calendar

Employee Recognition

Congratulations to our faculty and staff who will be recognized at the 2019 Employee Recognition Ceremony for their years of service to KU.

5 years
  Xuili Kang 
 Terry Soo

10 years
  Lori Springs

20 years
  Weishi Liu
  Ingrid Peterson

25 years
  Weizhang Huang

35 years
  Daniel Katz
  Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

45 years
  Tyrone Duncan