Students' Quotes

Graduate students' quotes

Our graduate students report a friendly atmosphere in which students often work together and faculty take a strong interest in their progress. They enjoy our program, our beautiful campus, the activities of their Graduate Student Organization (GSO), and the vibrant life of Lawrence. a very unique college town.

This is what they say:

Aaron Gibbs
"The department faculty and staff are very supportive of graduate student efforts. This helps students feel welcome and eager to do well."

Shaun Cheng
"If I ever become successful in the future, I'll have to thank the KU math department first. The professors and fellow graduate students are very friendly. Lawrence is a great environment for studying. Plus, we have a pretty good student recreation center, and a (Clinton) lake nearby for outdoor activities.

Ricky Lawner
"People love what they're doing. You get a broad background and I think that's really important. One thing that's been great for me has been the opportunity to teach. The amount of autonomy has been really nice."

Jennifer Parkinson
"There's a really nice cooperative atmosphere among the graduate students. When we were in the early graduate courses we always helped each other. I'm sure we learned a lot more that way than we would have without that atmosphere. I also learned a lot through teaching calculus - not just about mathematics, but about leadership, speaking in public, and making tough decisions."

Arpad Benyi
"Lawrence is a good town. I've been travelling around in the midwest and I guess I felt privileged to come from Lawrence."

Magda Toda
"Most of my friends from Romania went to bigger universities than KU. At the beginning no one paid any attention to them. You guys were very friendly. You gave us a lot more self-confidence about doing mathematics.

Nate Carlson
"I really enjoyed it here. My advisor really knew what sort of topic to have me do readings on - it was uncanny, I really felt he knew what I wanted to do. Overall it's a definite thumbs up."

Canda Mueller-Engheta
"It's really relaxed, I can talk to anybody, and pretty much all the professors know who I am."

Hongmei Li
"Thank you so much! I have been very happy to be a graduate student in our department. I met wonderful professors, mentors and people. I would say these three years in math department were a very very important part in my life."

Recognition Ceremony Honors Employees’ Service

Congratulations to our faculty and staff who will be recognized at the 2017 Employee Recognition Ceremony for their years of service to KU.

Joseph Huber 10 years
Zsolt Talata 10 years
George Kangas 15 years
Milena Stanislavova 15 years
Atanas Stefanov 15 years
Erik Van Vleck 15 years
Yaozhoung Hu 20 years
Kerrie Brecheisen 30 years
Jeff Lang 30 years