Gateway: Questions

Now that you know how to navigate the system, you are ready to do the real work -- answering the questions!

Each exam has 10 questions:

(Each link above takes you to the question bank that the problems are drawn from!)

Once you know the answer to a question, enter it in the answer box provided. You do not need to simplify your answer at all -- if your answer is mathematically the same as the answer that Maple TA knows, the question will be marked right.

Here is a chart of how to enter all of the things you could possibly need to say to Maple TA. You should only use parentheses -- these: ( ) to group things. If you use [brackets] or other symbols, Maple TA might not understand, and your answer could be marked wrong.

After you've typed in your answer, click on the "Preview" link under the box. A little window will pop up with your answer the way Maple TA interprets it.

Did Maple TA understand what you meant to say? It will give you a warning if you do not have matched up pairs of parentheses. Then check to make sure that it has "translated" everything else you typed, too. All the exponents should be raised, all the division signs should have turned to fractions, and "Pi" should be a symbol now. If they are not, go back and check what you typed.

Sometimes when you use Preview, Maple TA shows extra parentheses that you did not type in. That's OK -- don't let it confuse you.

Once "Preview" shows what you think the answer should be, click on "Close" and move to the next question.

Math 104 Students: Some of your questions ask for the solutions to equations. If there is one answer, enter that number. If there is more than one answer, separate them by semicolons, like this: 2; -1; 7/2 for the three solutions 2, -1, and 7/2. The order does not matter. If there are no solutions, type in none (just like this -- all lowercase).

If you are running into problems, check out the tips and tricks page before you get frustrated.

Still need help? Contact the Gateway Team at with your problem or question.

Recognition Ceremony Honors Employees’ Service

Congratulations to our faculty and staff who will be recognized at the 2017 Employee Recognition Ceremony for their years of service to KU.

Joseph Huber 10 years
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