Gateway: Math 115 In-Lab Registration

Click here to register for an In-Lab testing period.

If you are enrolled in Math 115 for the Fall or Spring you need to take one more step. Given the number of Math 115 students, different groups are going to have access to the lab at different times. Each group will have a week to visit the lab, and a deadline at the end of that week.

As soon as you have passed an Online Exam, you can register for which testing period you would like. Think about your schedule and what's going on in your other classes, and register for the testing period that is most convenient for you.

Testing periods can fill up - they are handed out on a first come, first served basis. That's another reason to start taking the Online Exam early! It also means you should register as soon as you can.

To register, follow this link and press the "Register" button for the testing period you would like. (If you have not passed the Online Exam, you will not be allowed to register.)

If you do not register for a testing period by the Online Exam deadline, you will be assigned to the first available testing period with open slots. Your assignment will be sent to your KU email address, and you will be stuck with whichever week you get.

All students can check their testing week by clicking on this link.

As with anything else, if you have problems or questions using the system, send and email to and someone from the Gateway Team will help you straighten it out.

Recognition Ceremony Honors Employees’ Service

Congratulations to our faculty and staff who will be recognized at the 2017 Employee Recognition Ceremony for their years of service to KU.

Joseph Huber 10 years
Zsolt Talata 10 years
George Kangas 15 years
Milena Stanislavova 15 years
Atanas Stefanov 15 years
Erik Van Vleck 15 years
Yaozhoung Hu 20 years
Kerrie Brecheisen 30 years
Jeff Lang 30 years