Gateway: Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having password problems. What could be wrong?
The Gateway uses the KU Online ID username and password. Solve any problems with that by visiting the KU site. If you are registered for a math class with a Gateway and are still having log-in problems, sent an email to with exactly what is going wrong.

I know I'm using the right password, but I still can't log in. What else could it be?
The computer has to know that you are enrolled in the course before you can log in to Maple TA. The system updates every night. In most cases, you should have access the day after you registered for the class. If you registered in the evening, or if it's the weekend, it might take an extra day. So give the system 24 hours to update, and if you're still having problems, send an email to with exactly what is going wrong.

Do I have to take the Gateway Exam?

When do I have to have all of this done?
You can find all the deadlines your class here. You need to pass an Online Exam, and then you will be allowed to take an In-Lab Exam.

Why doesn't everyone have the same deadline?
Each class takes the gateway at a different time during the semester, so be sure to follow the deadlines for the class you're enrolled in. In Math 115 during the Fall and Spring there are many students, so they are broken into several groups, and each group has its own deadline. Read more about registering up for a deadline in the 115 info section.

How many times can I take the Online Exam? The In-Lab Exam?
You can take the Online Exam as many times as you need to up until the deadline. You can take the In-Lab Exam as many times as you can get through it in the lab.

If I get an 8/10, do I get all the Gateway points?
When you pass the exam with any passing score (an 8, a 9, or a 10), you get all of the points for the exam you are taking. Please see the Points section on the main page to determine the points for your course.

I'm having a hard time entering things into the computer. Can you help?
For a lot of people, it takes practice to be able to enter all of the computer stuff accurately. That's part of the reason that you have lots of time to pass the Online Exam. To help, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks.

There are symbols I need to type that aren't on my keyboard. What do I do?
Here is a chart of all the symbols you'll need to do the gateway. Look up anything you need there. There will also be a copy for you to use in the lab.

Do I have to simplify?
Nope! As long as the answer you type in is correct, Maple TA will recognize it. Since simplifying gives more opportunities for you to make mistakes, it's usually a good idea not to do it.

I used something other than C as my constant of integration. My answer's not really wrong, is it?
It is true that mathematically, you can use whatever symbol you'd like to represent a constant. Here, though, communicating with the computer system is part of the assignment. Computers need to be told what symbols are constants, and the only one that Maple TA knows is the capital C. If you use something else, your answer will be marked wrong. It will not be counted because you failed to speak the language that Maple TA understands, and that's part of the assignment.

I keep getting questions with natural log in it wrong, and they look right. What's going on?
Make sure you're spelling the function correctly -- ln is a lowercase L and a lowercase N. Some people are using a capital i, which will get your answer marked wrong -- the computer only knows one way to spell it.

I get an accommodation for a disability in class. Do I get accommodations for the Gateway?
If you get accommodations for exams, we make similar accommodations for you to take the Gateway Exam. Your instructor passes on the information about your accommodations to the Gateway Team, and arrangements are made. If you think that hasn't happened, or have questions about it, get in touch with us at and we will straighten things out.

I can't take the exams labeled "Extended Time". Why?
The Extended Time exams are only for students who have paperwork from the Students with Disabilities office that grants them extra time on all exams. Each person only has to pass one Online Exam and one In-Lab Exam. Take whichever exam you have access to.

What's the Practice Exam for?
The Practice Exam is there so you can always have access to the Gateway problems. There's no penalty for taking the Online Exam over and over, so take Online Exams until you pass. Then, after the deadline has passed, you can use the Practice Exam to study from home.

Why do we have to pass an Online Exam and an In-Lab Exam?
Everyone takes the Online Exam to make sure that they know what they are doing before they show up in the lab. It takes practice to know how to use the system, and there is not time or space for people to work that out in the lab. If you have not passed an Online Exam, you will not be able to take any exams in the lab -- you will be locked out.

I didn't pass the Online Exam. What do I do now?
Once the deadline has passed, you can not take the exam. Since you did not pass the Online Exam, you can not take the In-Lab Exam. At this point, you should focus your energy on everything else going on in class, and put your efforts towards doing well on the rest of the homework and exams.

What questions are on the test?
The questions are pulled from a list of 100 questions for each class. You can find the questions posted here: Math 104, Math 115, and Math 121/141 (these links are also on the main page).

When's the lab open?
The lab hours are listed here.

Why is there a line for the lab? I don't want to have to wait.
Everyone who puts the In-Lab Exam off until the last minute shows up at the lab at once. The only way to be sure to avoid the line is to make it to the lab well before the deadline. The last two days are almost always very busy -- it's not unusual for there to be a line all the way down the hallway.

What happens when I go to the lab?
When you get to the lab, you will sign in at the front desk, and leave your bag or other belongings at the front of the room. You will get scratch paper from the front desk, and can have that and something to write with at the computer desk with you. You should also have your KU ID (or other photo ID) with you. You can not have a calculator, phone, books, or notes. You will log in to Maple TA, select your class, and then the In-Lab Exam. Raise your hand, and the proctor will come and check your ID, and enter the password that gets you access to the exam. Take the exam. When you are done, click "Grade" twice. The proctor screen will come up again, and when you raise your hand, the proctor will check your ID again, and enter the password. Then your grade will come up on the screen. The proctor is in charge of making sure people flow through the lab, so follow their instructions about whether or not you can take another exam right then. If there is a line, you can only take one exam at a time. If you have to leave the lab for any reason, you will have to start a new exam when you return.

The deadline went by before I could pass the In-Lab Exam in the lab. What do I do now?
Once the deadline has passed, the Gateway exam is over. At this point, you should focus your energy on everything else going on in class, and put your efforts towards doing well on the rest of the homework and exams, since they still make up 90% of your grade.

I've taken this class before, and passed the Gateway then. Can't I use that score again?
No, you can not use a previous semester's Gateway score again. Each time you enroll in a class, the slate is wiped clean, and you start entirely fresh -- including on the Gateway Exam. Brush up on your skills, and pass the exams by this semester's deadlines.

Last time I took this class, weren't the exams called something different?
Yes, we recently re-named the different steps in the Gateway process as part of a bold new initiative to use exam names that don't start with the letter P. What used to be called the Preliminary Exam is now the Online Exam, and what used to be called the Proctored Exam is now the In-Lab Exam.

The instructor that's listed in Maple TA isn't right. What do I need to do?
Nothing. Gateway Instructor is not an actual person. Your actual instructor will be notified when you pass the Gateway.

My instructor's being really inflexible about this Gateway stuff. Why is that?
Your instructor really can not make changes to the Gateway requirements or deadlines. They are set by the department, and enforced across all the sections of the course. If you think your circumstances require special treatment, get in touch with the Gateway Team by emailing them at and explaining your situation.

I still have a question. How can I get an answer?
Send an email to with your name, KU ID number, and your problem or question, and someone from the Gateway Team will be back in touch with you shortly.

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